Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to Haiti!

I want to thank you again for supporting me while I am serving with EMI.  Thanks to you, I have the necessary funds to not only complete my internship but to travel on another service trip as well!  Tomorrow (May 13) I will leave to go to Haiti as a part of 4 person structural assessment team.  Our team will include myself and another structural engineer from our office, as well as two structural engineers from the States.  We are planning to be in Haiti for 2 weeks.  I have felt a strong desire to go to Haiti since the January earthquake, and now I’m very excited to finally be able to go there and help out in a small way for a country and a people that lack so much.

I wanted to write this not only to thank you and keep you up-to-date, but also to ask for prayer support.  This project will be a lot different than typical EMI projects.  Our main purpose is to assess the structure of many of the buildings that were damaged by the earthquake, and then offer recommendations as to how the ministries can proceed with the damaged buildings.  Most of the buildings are hospitals and schools, which have had to practically shut down because people are still afraid to occupy the buildings.  Whereas prior EMI disaster response teams have focused their efforts in a few, central locations, we plan to travel to many remote locations throughout the country to serve a variety of ministries. 

We believe the trip will be intense with travelling and countless logistical concerns, so we are praying and ask for your prayer that God will work out all the details that are still unresolved.  There are many nights where we still do not know where we will stay or where/what we will eat.  We are bringing tents and lots of energy bars for that purpose!  Please pray for our energy, team chemistry, and positive attitudes.  As many of you know, Haiti is a country with significant oppression, physically, emotional, and spiritually.  Therefore, I ask you for prayer support of not only our physical needs, but also our emotional and spiritual states while we are there.  Please pray for the Haitian people as well.  In Haiti, you see the harsh injustice in the world, and it can be difficult emotionally.  The poverty and the hopelessness in Haiti at times can be overwhelming.  Also, there is still a strong presence of voodoo in Haiti, so please pray against all types of attacks that may bring.

Although it will be difficult, I am very excited and feel very blessed to be going back to Haiti with this team.  I am excited that we will be relying on God for so many things because I know, believe, and have seen that He comes through for us.  I expect this trip to be a “life-changing” time for me, and I can’t wait to see how God will use us and use this experience to shape my life.

I plan to update my blog upon my return from Haiti in a few weeks.  Until then, thank you so much for your support!


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